Nature in pictures

Some photographs of shivasamudram waterfalls near Bangalore, in Karnataka, India. My first experiment with Digital SLR cameras. I used Sony alpha 100

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Shivasamudram waterfalls near Bangalore present some very refreshing sights of natural opulence and grandeur. Enjoy

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Shivasamudram water falls on river Cauveri, a day long get away from Bangalore.

About two to three hours drive out of Bangalore, lie the shivasamudram water falls. The river Cauveri on her way to Tamilnadu goes through some breathtakingly beautiful natural windings. The place is to be visited in the rainy months of June to September, when the waterfall lives up to its name. The drive presents many beautiful landscapes along the route.

The long shot of the falls from across the vantage point located across the bay, the Hydel power project campus is serene and composed.
Drive over to the other side, and give in to the spirit of adventure in you, because the walk down the rocky terrace is simply put, risky. Be very careful with children.

Once at the bottom, you have it all. There is a vantage point for all spirits. Just soak your feet, or move to the other side and enjoy the mist raised by the milky white water falling on the rocks below. For the young there are rocks in the middle of the stream to walk across and enjoy a gushing sweep.
So much for now. How to get there and what to do en route ??? Check out this spot. Will post an update on that soon.